3 Ways to Take Your Bullet Points from Suck to Sell

Your bullet points, i.e. Key Product Features, are the most important attribute of your listing after the title and images. You get five points of 500 characters (varies by category) to turn a prospective customer into a hungry buyer.

So why waste this space with copy that doesn't sell?

Here's what you need to know when creating bullet points:

Internet shoppers are skimmers, not readers.

Amazon customers are looking to quickly find the information relevant to them. They don't read all the words in a listing. Instead they skim the listing for certain keywords relevant to them. You probably skimmed the major points in this article before you decided to invest the time to read it. Your customers are doing the same thing.

So when Amazon gives you a whole section above the fold in bullet format, don't squander it with bullet points like these:

- comes in 3 sizes

- aluminum alloy

- free shipping

- best seller!

To find these examples, I searched for items that are not selling well on Amazon right now. Coincidence?

I'm going to show you how to create bullet points that sell in 3 simple steps.

Highlight the Benefits of your Product, not the Features

Despite Amazon calling this the Key Product Features section, you should be using the bullet points to pitch the benefits of owning your product.

Let's say you're selling a hunting knife. What will your customer get when they buy your knife? A reliable tool that will cut cleanly every time for 10 years? Or a beautiful, custom made, one of a kind blade with a hand tooled sheath? Are you selling an economical knife that is good enough to get the job done without costing a fortune?

Do you see where I'm going with these questions?

There should be a limit on rhetorical questions and I'm laying it down here.

What you need to be saying with your benefits is this:

When you buy our knife, you're not just getting a knife, you're getting _______________.

Fill in the blank for your product and turn your answers into bullet points.

Use Visceral Language

Create an experience the customer can imagine. What does the product feel like? What is it like using the product?

Let's stick with our hunting knife example and use an example I wrote recently. I've highlighted the emotional language.

- THE ULTIMATE FIELD MACHETE. Cut and hack your way through anything with the razor sharp stainless steel blade!

When you read this bullet point, what do you imagine?

When I see the words "field machete," I picture myself using this knife outdoors, in the wild. Cut and hack? I'm Rambo slicing through the jungle. Razor sharp means nothing stands in my way!

You can see the story that emotive language creates for your customer. It puts them in the center and builds your product as a necessary part of their lives - a life they imagine achieving with your product.

When a customer looks at your ULTIMATE FIELD MACHETE and compares it to "HUNTING KNIFE WITH WOODEN HANDLE" which one do you think they're going to buy?


First, fix the obvious errors in your bullet points, such as spelling errors and grammar mistakes. Run them through a text editor or have a friend with an English major review them.

Now, utilize the first portion of your bullet points for an even shorter benefit that highlights your product features in a word or two. Then elaborate on the benefit with the rest of the bullet point. Remember we're living in a Snapchat attention span society.

Here are a few examples:

- EASY TO USE: Our patented open-snaps allows you to open the knife with one hand under any circumstance.

- NON-SLIP GRIP: Rubberized handle with state of the art texturing prevents you from ever dropping your knife

At the end of the day, make these three changes and you'll get customers pouring in your virtual door:

Highlight the benefits of your product

Create imagery that enables them to visualize using your product

Formatted in an easy to skim manner with perfect spelling and grammar

Now get out there and start improving your bullet points!

Shoot me an email or drop me a line in the comments below if you have any questions.