How to Create Enhanced Brand Content that Sells

Enhanced Brand Content (EBC) is an essential Amazon feature that gives brand registered sellers the opportunity to present buyers with superior quality product descriptions and content. Unlike the regular product descriptions which are limited to text-only paragraphs, EBC enables brand owners to tell their story in a visually-appealing manner and to showcase the unique selling proposition of their product with enhanced images and strategic text placements.

Here is how a product description appears without Amazon’s Enhanced Brand Content:

In a word, BORING.

Here is what it looks like with Amazon’s Enhanced Brand Content:


Let's break this down a bit.

The brand logo is placed in the starter position at the top left and a massive hero image is highlighted in the center. A complete package photo follows and shows what is included in the box. Top selling features are arranged in a multi level tiled layout.

The action images are accompanied with a header and a punchy, compelling description of the feature - perfect for selling the lifestyle, not just the product. Finally, a comparison chart is displayed at the bottom with the most recent models of the product showcased side by side.

As you can tell, there is a tremendous difference between the two. Enhanced Brand Content works wonders in capturing the attention of potential buyers when used to its full potential.

How much does Enhanced Brand Content cost?

As of now, EBC is still in its promotional period, so registered brand owners are able to use this tool for free. If ever fees will be implemented in the future, Amazon will give brand owners a heads up about the it and the content will not be removed from the detail page.

Benefits of Enhanced Brand Content

  1. It allows you to use rich media content. With EBC, brand owners are given the opportunity to engage with your prospect buyers using formatted and mixed media.

  2. It caters to different shopping styles. EBC appeals to shoppers who prefer to read all the details about a product before deciding to either proceed with the purchase or scan other similar listings, and another set of shoppers who tend to quickly scan photos and bold headers in a matter of seconds.

  3. It makes conveying your brand’s story a lot easier. EBC makes it easy for brand owners to introduce their brand and present the unique value points of their product. They can use this space to differentiate themselves from generic brands and knock offs.

  4. It has high potential of increasing conversion rate. Modern shoppers have incredibly short attention spans. They skim headlines and prioritize images over text. EBC gives you a space to keep your potential customers around longer with feature rich image. We have seen conversion rates increase by as much as 50% following the addition of Enhanced Brand Content!

How to make the most out of EBC

  1. Know your customer! You must be able to capture the prospective buyers’ attention and entice them to stick to your listing a little more and to end up clicking the Add to Cart button. The best way to make your EBC as engaging as possible is by tailoring your content to their desires, needs, and pain points. Review the customer reviews or questions posted on your listing so you’ll have an idea on what information to include in your EBC. You can even check the reviews posted on your competitor’s listing and capitalize on those in order to convey how your product is different from that of your competitors.

  2. Tell a cohesive story. Throwing in high-resolution images is not enough. Make sure that there is a reason for the images that you use. Use the same color palette and brand voice across the images and text to create a unifying story. Your text should draw the customer through each section and get them more excited about your product.

  3. Familiarize yourself with Amazon’s guidelines. Drafting your Enhanced Brand Content can be tedious especially if you are not familiar with Amazon’s guidelines. Sure, EBC is free for registered brand owners but you still have to spend time creating it (or spend money if you intend to hire a graphics designer and copywriter). Knowing these guidelines will save you from having to revise your content repeatedly and ensure a quick approval.

Guidelines for Enhanced Brand Content

Your content will be approved or declined manually, so be sure that you adhere to the Amazon guidelines:

  • Do not reference your company as a seller or distributor, and do not mention of any seller authorization.

  • Do not mention any guarantee or satisfaction claims or references that are not in-line with Amazon’s return or refund policy

  • Do not use pricing or promotion references (e.g. affordable, cheap, bonus, free) or any language directing customers to purchase the product (e.g. buy now, add to cart, get yours now, shop with us)

  • Do not provide information about shipping details

  • Don’t use copyright, trademark, or registered symbol

  • Don’t use terms that are boastful (e.g. top-selling product, hottest product, #1 product) as well as time-sensitive product information (e.g. on sale now, best new product of the year)

  • Don’t add more than two editorials or third-party quotes. You must only use quotes from well-known publications or public figures

  • Only high-quality images will be approved

  • Images must have no watermark or unreadable text. The minimum font size should be 16 and it should be readable against it background.

  • Lifestyle images can be added provided that they show the product itself.

  • Images that have been posted on the main image block on the detail page should be sparingly used in EBC

  • Do not use images or text that attempt to mimic Amazon logos, detail page headings or details

  • Do not use web links or language directing customers to other sites be it within or outside Amazon

  • Avoid grammatical errors, punctuation errors, misspellings, strings of all-caps text, abusing font features, or unnecessary or repeated information. Use bold and italic formatting to highlight headings or a few select words.

  • Mentioning a product being used for criminal activity is a big NO.

  • Do not mention any unverified claims: safety claims; energy saving claims; claims regarding drugs, beverages, food and health products. Read more about it here.

  • Do not mention your competitor at any part of your content. You’re only allowed to use the comparison chart to compare products within your brand.

  • There’s a limited degree of subjective language allowed so be sure to limit your usage of this

  • For adult products, make sure that you adhere to the adult products policies & guidelines.

  • Do not provide your contact information

  • Content written in languages other than the one spoken in the marketplace you’re selling is not allowed.

  • Images submitted without image keywords are not accessible to customers with visual impairments.

  • Any violations against category requirements and Amazon’s selling policies.

How to create EBC for your listings

Step 1: Go to Seller Central, hover your mouse on Advertising and select Enhanced Brand Content.

Step 2: Search for the SKU of the product listing where you want to create EBC.

Step 3: Select your preferred template based on the content that you’re planning to add. Choose the template that best fits the product that you’re trying to showcase.

There are 5 templates that you can choose from. The last template is a custom template in which you can choose your desired modules and decide how many modules you’re going to use. You can also change the order by which the modules are arranged to match your preference. Don’t worry about choosing the wrong template to start with. You can always go back and change it or just remove a module that you find out to be of no use or add a module that would be a better fit to the overall look of your EBC.

For all 5 templates, you must upload your brand logo on the first module followed by a text description. You can then add up to five modules or remove them as needed.

Step 4: Each template is composed of modules that can be arranged based on the result that you want for your EBC. If you have selected one of the pre-defined templates, you will be presented with a suggested arrangement of modules, but you can still opt to add or remove modules when needed. You’ll have to fill in the different sections with the images and texts that you have prepared beforehand.

There are several modules that you can choose from. The most powerful one is the comparison chart layout shown below. It is particularly helpful if you want to showcase the differences between variants of a particular product that you’re offering. It is also an extremely powerful tool to use if you have other products on the same brand that you want to cross-sell to your prospect buyers. Customers are able to click over to each listing included in the comparison chart.

Other modules that can be used to show a comparison of products are shown below. The first one is an interactive module which requires the buyer to hover his mouse over the thumbnail for the corresponding description to appear.

The second module shows the description of all items being compared at a glance.

The layout below displays a single, larger image with text right below the image. This is perfect for showcasing a hero image that converts well. The other variations with text aligned to the side or with black /white overlay are powerful ways to present images that benefit from more explainer text.

The layouts below are excellent choices for presenting more detailed graphics and text to reiterate the core selling points of the product and to preemptively address customer concerns.

A little bit of creativity along with the right information about the customers’ needs goes a long way in selecting the layout for your EBC. The ultimate rule of thumb is obvious: make sure that each set of text is positioned next to the image relevant to it.

Step 5: Send the content for validation by clicking Submit. The usual timeframe for content approval is 7 business days from the date of submission. There are instances when submitted content may be rejected. In these cases, the rejection reason will be clearly indicated so you can make necessary changes for the content to be approved.

Step 6: Verify if content has been successfully published by clicking the Edit button next to the SKU.

So there you have it. Enhanced Brand Content is no doubt a must have for serious brand owners. It drives traffic, increases conversion rates, reduces customer returns and negative reviews and encourages repeat customers.

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