How to Discover New Customers with Amazon Live

Today’s digital marketing has once again shifted. Livestream interaction is the new in. Amazon as we speak is changing history by dominating all types of online streaming, one of which is Amazon Live. Brand sellers and influencers easily adapt to this new wave as they cater to the needs of enthusiastic online shoppers. In fact, statistics show that the live video streaming industry has increased exponentially at 99% and is expected to grow fifteen-fold by 2022. Many top brands are taking advantage of this new feature to kick off sales and reach more viewers and if you’re a new seller to this platform then there’s no better time to learn the ropes than now!

So, what is Amazon Live?

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Amazon Live Stream is exactly what it sounds like. It promotes product content to viewers, live.

The sellers directly connect and communicate, in real time, with customers and highlight important features and address inquiries about the product.

To use Amazon Live service, clients must first be registered in the Brand Registry as it is only available for Brand Registered sellers. There is no cost for brands to create their own livestream on Amazon using the Amazon Live Creator app. However, there is a minimum cost of $35,000 (US) to integrate into an Amazon-produced show.

Where does it show up?

Simply go to where the main page contains live streams available on the spotlight. It can be found on the Amazon page’s main menu in a section under Programs and Features.

You can browse through other videos available on the page and watch any live or recorded streams of your interest.

Livestreams can appear on the detail pages of the products belonging to the brand that is livestreaming, as well as across various placements where Amazon shoppers browse. These livestreams can also be found in the Amazon mobile app under Amazon Live.

How can you use it to capture new customers?

Amazon Live has proven to be effective in raising major sales and increasing viewers’ awareness of new brands and products. Amazon claims that in this platform, sellers can: “Reach more shoppers on and build your brand through interactive livestreams.” It is engaging and possibly just one of the most successful avenues for online advertisement. Amazon Live also spotlights streams on their main page. The more often the client streams, the more benefits are "unlocked" in the application.

Benefits include additional placements for the livestream on the main Amazon homepage where more customers will be able to see it. Specific benefits for sellers/ influencers can be found here.

Before you start your first Live, remember it is important to read Amazon’s Live Community Policy as non-adherence will automatically result in ending your Live (Yes! Amazon monitors each livestream!). Using quality gadgets can also give you an advantage in the carousel of livestreams found on the website.

So now you think you’re ready to livestream? Simply follow the guide below.

Step by Step Guide to set up your first Live using the Amazon Creator app

1. Download the Amazon Live Creator app in the App Store. Note that the app is only supported on iOS-enabled devices.

a. You can only download the app from the Apple app store using an iPhone, iPad, or Apple tablet.

2. Sign in with Seller Central credentials.

a. After signing in as a Seller, you are asked to choose a brand. Only brands that are registered with the brand registry will be able to proceed.

3. Create a thumbnail for the livestream.

a. It should stand out, entice people to watch, and communicate what's happening in the livestream.

b.The thumbnail can be edited after the livestream.

4. Choose the products to be featured.

5. Choose a title for the livestream.

6. If a start time is chosen, the title and thumbnail will appear on in upcoming livestreams.

7. Promote the livestream.

8. Additional information such as using an encoder to control audio and video quality and setting up promotions can be found here.

Amazon has made it easier for Brands to participate in live promotions. Download Amazon Live Creator and get your product out there to stay ahead of the curve! Who knows? Your brand may just be in the next spotlight of Amazon Live!