The Ultimate Amazon Brand Story Guide

Keeping up with the continuous shift in consumer buying behavior is a never-ending task for marketers and business owners. Innovations in the digital world have contributed to this fast-paced change as consumers are served with a steady stream of content that offers endless options.

Customers are clever and mindful in choosing the products they consume. Price point and quality are still two major points of consideration when they make a purchase, but there has been a steady increase in the amount of attention that consumers give to the story behind their purchases.

Amazon has responded to this trend by adding another branding tool, Brand Story. Along with Storefronts and A+ content, this feature helps your brand stand out from the rest.

What is Brand Story

Brand Story has recently been introduced by Amazon as an addition to the A+ Content. In the Brand Story section, you can highlight your brand identity by sharing how you started, what sets your brand apart from the competitors in your space, and why you love what you do!

Why You Should Have One

Amazon has always been a work-in-progress. These new features are added constantly with the purpose of helping brands highlight their roots and their product’s unique selling point, so it makes sense to split-test every branding tool that Amazon implements.

You won’t know how Brand Story may affect your conversions unless you try it. Here are three reasons why you should consider giving it a shot.

Create Brand Consistency

The Brand Story section on your product detail page sets the tone before shoppers scroll down further to your A+ content. Through your Brand Story, you get the opportunity to evoke the emotions that you want consumers to feel towards your brand as you tell them about your roots and core messages and values, as well as expose them to the distinct visual elements that your brands have. Consistency is key in building brand awareness, so having a brand story that is in line with the essence of your brand will definitely make an impact.

Sets you apart from generic products

Building a brand takes more than a Fiverr logo and a product. You have to set yourself apart from the competition with a compelling and genuine story.

The Brand Story section gives you the opportunity to show your target customers what is unique about your business and why they should care.

Builds a following

Gone are the days when only the established brands with pockets deep enough to afford TV ads have the opportunity to build a following. Thanks to the digital age, even new brands have the opportunity to quickly develop loyal fans. By sharing your unique Brand Story, you are adding a personality and human element to your brand that feels less corporate and helps potential buyers connect with your “why”. You can develop your brand persona and culture that creates meaning for your customers and makes them proud to be a part of the shared journey.

Are you sold on the value of Amazon’s new Brand Story feature? If so, keep reading to find out where it appears and how to add it to your listings.

Where Brand Story appears

Brand Story shows up below the bullet points and right above the A+ content (or the product description for those who do not have A+ content). This position is strong because shoppers will see your story before viewing the features and details displayed in your A+ content or product description.


Outlaw Soaps, a brand that makes “exciting sundries for adventurous people” uses Brand Story to highlight their founders, their unique selling proposition, and their passion for what they do.

Below is a snapshot of the Brand Story section of their listing for one of their solid cologne products. The top image is how their Brand Story appears when viewed from a laptop or desktop while the bottom one is what customers see if they are browsing through a mobile device.

How To Add it to Your Listing

1. Log into Amazon Seller Central. Go to A+ Content Manager under the Advertising tab.

2. Select Start creating A+ content on the upper right side.

3. Click Create a Brand Story.

4. Next, you’ll reach the Brand Story screen.

5. You’ll also be asked to provide two images, along with a slogan text for one of the images. Select Click to add image.

6. You will see 2 slots for each image which are for mobile and desktop view. Upload your images and enter relevant image keywords for each. Click the Add button.

7. You’ll also fill out the following questions about the brand:

  • How did we get our start?

  • What makes our products unique?

  • Why do we love what we do?

8. Click Next: Apply ASINs.

9. On the next screen, Enter the ASIN and click on the auto-populated selection after verifying that it is the correct item.

10. To add more ASINs, repeat step 9.

11. Click Apply Content at the upper right side.

12. You can also apply the Brand Story to multiple listings at once via a bulk upload. To do this, you need to have an excel or csv file of all the ASINs that you want to add first. Click Bulk upload then Upload spreadsheet. Select the spreadsheet that you prepared in Step 9.

13. Click Next: Review and Submit

14. Review the content and click Submit for approval. Wait for the status to change to Approved and you’re all set!

Taking advantage of every new branding tool that Amazon throws in can oftentimes make a huge difference to your conversion. Just like any other feature, the Brand Story is one that is worth testing especially if your brand has distinct values that would resonate with your audience if communicated properly.

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