Why You Need Product Video on Your Listings

Updated: Mar 14

Videos are an excellent way of boosting your business's SEO, with many companies now prioritizing video content in their product listings. Videos are more likely to increase the likelihood of your content being found when a prospective customer searches for relevant information. If you are listing your products on Amazon, adding a product video will help you optimize your listing because by adding a video, you are giving yourself the chance to build a relationship with your potential customer.

Amazon Video

A decent video highlights the features and benefits of your product. A lot of people choose to shop on Amazon because it is one of the world's largest online retailers, so adding your product to the Amazon marketplace can increase your sales and get your product in-front of more potential customers.

As an Amazon seller, it is crucial that you use all the mediums available to you, with one study conducted by e-commerce sellers showing that video can increase your online sales by around 144%.

Using video effectively

When you use video effectively, it will help your product stand out. In-fact research suggests that a staggering 68% of people favor learning about products by watching a video and that 73% of potential customers are more likely to buy your product after watching a video.

Typically, consumers have short attention spans. They want information that is readily available and easy to digest without the need to sit and read through pages of text. Videos provide this. They inform, bring clarity, and provide relative information and relationships.

Where your product video will show up on Amazon.com

Once your video has been approved, which can take around a week, sometimes a little longer, the status of the video will change to "live," and your video should be visible on the related ASINs product page within two days, so long as there aren't more than six images already assigned.

  • Product videos available to all Amazon sellers in two primary groups:

  • Marketplace sellers who own a brand registered in Amazon's Brand Registry.

  • Vendors, who are brand-owning manufacturers that sell wholesale to Amazon.

However, if you are a marketplace seller and your brand/product is not registered, videos will be limited to customers' posts in reviews. What this means is Amazon will give priority to brands/products that are trusted and generate the most sales.

So becoming a trusted Amazon seller will give you an advantage if you plan on using videos.

How to add a video to a product listing

Advancements in technology such as high-quality cameras and lighting technology producing a good quality video needn't be too costly.

Pre-production and planning of your video is essential and will help you plan how you want to present your brand/product and the information you want to give to potential customers.

Things to consider:

· How is your brand positioned?

· What are your product's features and benefits, and how are they solving a problem for your customers?

· What questions do your customers usually ask, and address these in your video?

· Do you have more than one product? Do you, therefore, need more than one video?

To upload a video you:

· Go to your Seller Central account.

· Click on Inventory.

· From the drop-down, select Upload & Manage Videos.

· Click the Upload Video button and select your video file.

· Enter a title and the ASINs that are related to the video.

· Select a thumbnail (preview image) for the video.

· Click the submit button to send the video to Amazon for approval.


Generally, a good video will help with the SEO of your brand/product. It will highlight the features and benefits of your product. Many people choose to shop on Amazon because, after all, it is the world's largest online retailer. So it goes without saying that adding your product to the Amazon marketplace will help you increase your sales and get your product in-front of more potential customers. The process of getting your video approved takes, on average, one week and is relatively easy to do. Once your product is live, you will see an increase in visitors to your product pages and customer sales. Typically, 73% of potential customers are more likely to buy your product after watching a video.