Wurawe Joins Amazon Service Provider Network

Building, managing, and scaling your Amazon business is a complicated process that requires a high level of expertise. You need an experienced team to build a successful brand on this platform. Amazon recognized this so they established Amazon Service Provider Network, a directory of high-quality third-party service providers vetted by Amazon standards.

We are proud to announce that Wurawe is now officially part of the Amazon Service Provider Network. Out of 134 trusted providers that offer Account Management services, we are among the 35 providers that are based in the USA.

What is Amazon Service Provider Network?

Amazon SPN is a list of third-party service providers established to help sellers overcome the steep learning curve towards a profitable Amazon business. The network is categorized under different key areas such as account management, accounting, advertising optimization, cataloging, compliance, enhanced brand content, FBA preparation, imaging, international return, international shipping, storage, taxes, training, and translation.

Consistent performance monitoring is in place to make sure that only top-notch providers are on the Amazon Service Provider Network (SPN).

To connect with Amazon SPN providers, you simply have to go to the Amazon SPN page and to choose a service provider based on the type of services that you need, your preferred location and the language of the service provider that you want to partner with. You then need to raise a service request form and you’ll be ready to grow your business!

How can Wurawe help build, manage, and scale your Amazon business?

We’re a team of highly-skilled Amazon experts passionate about strategically driving your brand to the top of your category. Our commitment is to maximize your sales and minimize your headaches with our elaborate account management service.

We take pride in providing a holistic approach to Amazon account management. We don’t leave any stone unturned. We are obsessed with ensuring the seamless management of every aspect of your channel, be it from advertising to reimbursements. We know the formula that will build your brand value on Amazon.

Contact us here or through the Amazon Service Provider Network for a free listing diagnosis and we’ll do everything to deliver your success on Amazon.